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Title: [untitled]
Authors: kazou_kiriyama and niimura_shinya
Chapters: 3/may be continued...
Genre: Err...PWP I would say this part is ^^;
Rating: NC-17
Band: Dir en grey
Pairings: Kaoru x Shinya x Kyo
Comments: We continued in fear of being killed by all of you who wanted some threesome-action O_O This little RP-series went from dirty to fluffy and then back to dirty...O_O;
As usual she's Shinya and I'm Kaoru and Kyo.
Anyways, enjoy! ^^

First part here
Second part here

After a few moments, Shinya realized that the water in the shower had run cold. He gently nudged Kyo and Kaoru. "Uh.. Guys? I think we should get out of the shower... The water is quite cold now.."

Kyo hadn't felt the cold since he had both Shinya and Kaoru embracing him, but when Kaoru groaned slightly and let go of him, he felt cold shivers run down his back and he whimpered and snuggled closer to Shinya.

Shinya tightened his hold on Kyo and gently kissed his temple "Shh.. We should get up, ne.. Our food is still waiting for us in the living room.. I thought that you were hungry?" he gently said while nudging the small vocalist.

Kyo groaned slightly and unwillingly detached himself from Shinya, shivering at the cold that he was now fully exposed to. Kaoru had already gotten out of the shower and was drying himself off.

Blinking at the fact that Kaoru had left the shower without even shutting the water, Shinya did it himself. "Geez, thanks a lot for letting us freeze in there, Kaoru!" he said a bit angrily as he shut the water and got out of the shower, grabbing a towel and dried himself. His skin was covered in goosebumps.

"Shit, I'm sorry", Kaoru said regretfully to Shinya, "I didn't think of it..."

Shinya shrugged and turned back toward the shower. Kyo was still in there, half asleep. "Kyo!" he said, surprized that the vocalist was still in there. Bending over, he took Kyo in his arms and got him out of the shower.

Kyo groaned slightly as he felt Shinya drag him to his feet. He was still very tired, but had started to wake up a little. So had his stomach. It was now growling in protest for not getting any food.

Shinya wrapped a dry and warm towel over the small body and started to rub him dry, trying to warm up the freezing vocalist, who's lips were slightly blue.
"Nee. Kaokao.. Can you lean him a warm sweater He's freezing cold.." he said to Kaoru.

Kaoru nodded and hurried out to his bedroom and started to look through his wardrobe and finally found a black long-sleeved sweater he thought would fit the vocalist, and then he hurried back to the bathroom and handed the sweater to Shinya.

"Thanks" he said before removing the towel from the still freezing vocalist. He then proceeded to dress Kyo. This activity reminded him when he was in school and that girls were always asking him to play doll with them...

Kyo shuddered as the cold air hit his bare skin and whimpered slightly as Shinya started to dress him in a black sweater that was a bit too big for him, but he didn't mind since the sweater was very warm.

"It's a luck that we're alone in this apartment, ne, because if there was some people, they would see how the Warumono let himself being dressed like a big doll.." Shinya said, tickling Kyo a bit to make it clear that he was joking.

Kyo growled and turned around to Shinya and leaned up and bit him in the shoulder. He didn't bite hard enough to inflict any real pain on Shinya, it was more of a lovebite to tell Shinya he understood he was joking, without needing to use words.

Smiling, Shinya led Kyo out of the bathroom and back into the living room where their clothes laid. He dressed himself back and kneeled on the floor in front of the coffee table to start gathering the mess of papers lying there. He supposed that Kaoru was off into the kitchen, taking their dinner out of the boxes and all.

Kaoru walked into the living room after taking the food into the kitchen and putting it on the table. He picked up his pants and underwear that lay discarded on the floor and got dressed. Then he walked back into the kitchen and started to taking out the food from the boxes. Calling out for Kyo and Shinya, he seated himself at the table.

Walking into the kitchen, he looked at Kaoru, and, biting his lip in an almost shy way, he asked, "Nee.. We can eat in the living room, no? We.. We'll be closer to our work..?" he tentatively suggested.

Kaoru smiled at Shinya's cute expression and nodded, "Sure."

Shinya helped Kaoru carry everything into the living room, and they found Kyo, already sitting at the coffee table, drumming his fingers over the tabletop in an impatient way.

Kyo turned as he heard Kaoru and Shinya enter the living room. "Finally!" he said and Kaoru laughed at his impatience as he put down the food on the table and sat down.

Shinya kneeled on the floor, sitting on his heels, between Kyo and Kaoru. He took his chopsticks and looked at his.. lovers? friends? He was still a bit unsure. "Itadakimasu!" he said.

Kyo wasn't late to obey as he hungrily grabbed his chopsticks and started to eat at a fast pace.
Kaoru laughed, "Hey, Kyo, take it easy or you might choke! We need you to be alive if we're going to continue this band-thing."
Kyo pouted, but realized Kaoru had a point so he slowed down his eating.
He then looked at Shinya and realized he wasn't eating. He eyed the drummer a bit concerned, "Ne, Shinya, is something wrong?"

Shinya snapped out of it and blinked. "Nani ?"

"You seem a little out of it. Is something wrong?" Kyo asked and took Shinya's hand in his own, gently stroking it.

Smiling at Kyo's loving action, Shinya shrugged one shoulder. "Oh.. It's just.. This situation is a bit new, nee.. " he said in a soft, quiet voice.

Kyo smiled, "Yeah, that's true..." Then Kaoru wrapped his arms around Shinya's waist from behind and nuzzled the drummer's neck, "Yes, it's a very new situation, but at least I'm pretty sure I can get used to it..." He then smiled and gently kissed Shinya's neck.

Shinya leaned back against Kaoru's chest and rested his head on his lover's shoulder. "Hmm.. I could get used to it, too.." he said in a languid voice.

Kyo smiled and nodded in agreement, "Me too..." and kissed Shinya's hand.

Shinya lazily grabbed a piece of sushi between his chopsticks and brought it to Kyo's lips, a smile in the corner of his own lips.

Kyo grinned and opened his mouth, letting Shinya place the piece of sushi in his mouth. After he had swallowed, he took a piece of sushi between his chopsticks and brought it to Shinya's lips.

Opening his mouth, Shinya accepted the sushi, savoring the taste of it on his tongue before slowly chewing and swallowing. He repeated the process with yet another sushi piece and, turning around, he offered it to Kaoru. When the guitarist took the food in his mouth, Shinya noticed a drop of soy sauce on Kaoru's bottom lip.
"You have a little drop of sauce on your lip.." he whispered before leaning closer to Kaoru and gently licking at his bottom lip with the tip of his tongue, collecting the salty sauce there.

Kaoru felt shivers of pleasure down his back at the feeling of Shinya's wet tongue on his lip, and he leaned down to capture those delicious, full lips in his own.

Shinya moaned and didn't lost a second to kiss back. He could taste the flavor of fish and seaweed on Kaoru's tongue as they kissed and it made him shiver as well.

Kyo again felt a bit left out, and pouting, he crawled up in Shinya's lap, and started to kiss his neck to get his attention.

Shinya moaned at the double pleasure as both his mouth and neck were attacked and brought one hand to encircle Kaoru's neck and the other to wrap around Kyo's waist, to make the vocalist understand that he was well aware that he was there, too.

Kaoru hungrily devoured Shinya's mouth at the same time as Kyo was kissing and licking the drummer's neck.
Kyo could feel himself harden again at hearing Shinya's moans and he brought one arm down to gently rub the drummer's inner thigh.

Shinya spread his legs a bit more to give access to Kyo and he felt himself starting to harden again. He noticed that his moans had some sort of effect on Kaoru as well, as he felt a hard bulge against his rear end, which was close to Kaoru's crotch. He tightened his hold on both his lovers and let himself lead into pleasure once again.

Kaoru brought his hands under Shinya's shirt and started to caress his belly, without breaking the kiss.
Kyo sneaked his hand down Shinya's pants and underwear and wrapped his hand around the drummer's half-hardened length and started to gently stroke him...

Shinya bucked his hips into Kyo's hand and moaned into the kiss he was still sharing with Kaoru. He felt his sex hardening even more into Kyo's warm hand and he tried to get his pants and underwear out of the way, but with both of his arms busy holding his lovers, he could only wiggle his hips, in hope to make Kyo understand that the pants and underwear weren't wanted anymore.

Kyo understood Shinya's wish and quickly removed his pants and underwear. Then he kneeled down between Shinya's legs and slowly took him in his mouth...

Shinya broke the kiss with Kaoru as he felt Kyo's mouth on his lenght and he bucked his hips upward, trying to burry himself to the hilt into the warm and moist cavern. "AH ! Kyo!" he half moaned, half screamed.

Kaoru hardened even more at hearing Shinya's pleasuredfilled moan and quickly removed Shinya's shirt and started to fiercly kiss and nibble at his delicate throat while letting his hands run over the smooth flesh of Shinya's chest and belly.

Shinya felt himself go mad with pleasure as he twisted and turned into his lovers' hands, wanting more of their touches, caresses and kisses. He brought his hands into Kyo's hair and stroked the silky strands.

Kyo started to suck harder on Shinya's sex, encouraged by the drummer's lustfull moans and the hand he had placed in his hair. Kyo brought one of his hands down to his own crotch and started to grope his own erection outside his pants that were starting to grow uncomfortably tight.
Kaoru let his hands leave Shinya for a while so he could remove his shirt and then he pressed his bare chest against Shinya's back and continued to kiss and lick his neck, not seeming to ever get enough of the drummer's delicate throat.

Shinya felt himself totally exposed in front of his lovers and he shivered in delight at this sensation. He wanted to be taken..
"Kyo..!! Kaoru..!! Ah.. hai... I.. I want.. I want to be taken... Onegai..." he moaned, his eyes closed and hands groping alternatively between Kyo and Kaoru.

Kaoru groaned as he heard Shinya's pleading and whispered huskily in his ear, "By who?"

"Ahhn... I.. I don't care..." he moaned, his hips now snapping wildly, fucking Kyo's mouth.

Kyo felt that Shinya was pretty close at coming and stopped sucking, ignoring the whimpering protest that came from the drummer. Instead he crawled up in Shinya's lap and kissed him and then he turned to Kaoru and said, "We could both take him..." and then he leaned over and captured Kaoru's lips in his. Kaoru was a bit surprised at first, but soon kissed back. When they broke the kiss, Kaoru turned to Shinya and kissed his neck and asked as a response to Kyo's suggestion, "Could you handle that, baby?"

When he felt Kyo crawl in his lap, Shinya's arms had came up to encircle the vocalist's waist and his hands were caressing his bare back. He blinked when he heard Kyo say that they could both take him and asked, "What? At the same time?" he then thought 'They're mad! They'll rip me open!'

"Shinya, don't look so scared", Kyo said and kissed him, "It was just a suggestion. If you don't want to, we won't do it."

"But.. I.. I want to feel.. the both of you.." he said, before gently pushing Kyo on his back and crawling on all four, his rear presented to Kaoru in a rather shuggestive manner. He kissed Kyo once more, deepening the kiss at the first second.

Kaoru gasped at the delicious sight and licked his lips. "I'll be right back. This will need lubrication.." he said before hurrying off to the bathroom.

Shinya then proceeded to remove all of Kyo's clothes, leaving him completely naked. He pressed himself against his lover's body, their erections rubbing against each other.. Kissing the vocalist's neck, he moaned "God.. I want to feel you, Kyo..."

Kyo moaned and hungrily kissed Shinya's lips. he wanted nothing but to get inside that hot body, but decided they should wait for Kaoru. Luckily Kaoru wasn't gone long. He soon hurried into the living room again, now completley naked and with a tube of lube in his hand.

Shinya kissed back and continued to rub his hard cock against Kyo's. The feeling was incredible. He didn't noticed when Kaoru crawled on top of him, but did notice when the guitarist started to rub his lubricated fingers against his entrance. He was still somehwat stretched from his first time with Kyo..

Kaoru kissed Shinya's spine as he let one finger slip inside the drummer. It easily slid all the way inside and Kaoru added a second finger almost immediatley after.

Shinya spread his legs wider and broke the kiss with Kyo, screaming as he felt Kaoru's finger brush against his sweet spot.

Kaoru groaned at hearing Shinya's lustfilled cries and added a third finger, easily stretching him open more.
Kyo bucked hips upwards and rubbed his erection against Shinya's, feeling a bit impatient.

Shinya attacked Kyo's neck with bites and kisses, moaning at the double feeling, his cock being rubbed against Kyo's and his rear end abused in a very delightful manner by Kaoru's finger. He started to feel impatient as well, and, stopping the kisses and bites on Kyo's neck, he turned his head toward Kaoru and claimed that he was ready, just fuck me already, Kaoru!

Kaoru grinned at the drummer's impatience and removed his fingers and replaced them with something bigger. Without being able to restrain himself, he immediatley pushed all the way inside Shinya, groaning at the feeling of the warm flesh around his hard cock.

Feeling a tiny bit of pain as he felt Kaoru penetrate him, Shinya moaned and viciously bit on Kyo's neck, making the vocalist growl in the same fashion he was growling in his songs. This made Shinya smile, but the smile turned into a breathy moan as he felt Kaoru starting to move in him.

Kyo groaned as he felt Kaoru move on top of Shinya, making Shinya's erection rub over his own.
"I...I want to f-fuck you.." he moaned in Shinya's ear, and then added, "Or you could fuck me..I don't care..."

Shinya's pleasure fogged mind registered Kyo's wish, and, nodding, he blindly groped for the lube. The feeling of Kaoru's cock buried deep inside him was very good, but he had the feeling that Kyo's hot and thight channel around his own cock would be even better. "Kaoru...!! Can.. ah.. can you stand still a few minutes?" he asked his lover, who was mercilessly pounding into him. He didn't wanted it to end too fast...

Kaoru groaned a little, but managed to hold still. He was panting heavily against Shinya's back.

Shinya squeezed his muscles around Kaoru's cock and snickered as he heard the older man groan in lust. He could feel him tremble... Quickly squeezing a generous amount of lube into his hand, Shinya slowly inserted one finger in Kyo, wiggling it around, then adding a second, to stretch him.

Kyo groaned and spread his legs wider, giving Shinya more access. He bit his lip as he felt slight pain when Shinya started to stretch him, but it soon passed as Shinya's fingers found his pleasure spot, making him moan and buck his hips.

Feeling that Kyo was ready, Shinya squeezed some more lub onto his palm and rubbed it against his painfully hard cock and brought the tip to the vocalist's entrance, gently pressing. He felt a slight resistance, but then the head popped inside, making the both of them moan. Pushing his hips forward, he buried himself deep into Kyo and panted at the tight feeling around his cock.

Kyo moaned out loudly at the feeling of being filled by Shinya's hard cock and he could feel Kaoru start to move on top of the drummer again.

Their movements were a bit awkward at first, but they soon found a rythm. Each time Kaoru pushed his hips forward made the movement echo through Shinya's own hips, making him fuck the vocalist at the same pace as Kaoru. Shinya moaned at the double pleasure feeling and felt himself go to the edge. He balanced himself on one arm and brought a hand to grab Kyo's cock and stroke it in rythm with their thrusting.

Kyo moaned Shinya's name loudly as he felt the drummer's hand on his erection. He wrapped his arms around Shinya's neck and leaned up to kiss him fully on the lips. He moaned loudly into the kiss as he felt Shinya bury himself even deeper inside him.

Feeling Kyo's lips on his oversensitive ones did it for Shinya. With a huge shudder and a moan, he felt himself come deep inside Kyo, his hand working on the vocalist's sex furiously, wanting him to come at the same time. He felt his inner muscles squeeze tightly around Kaoru's cock, bringing the guitarist to the edge as well.

Kyo groaned and moaning Shinya's name, he came all over the drummer's hand.
Kaoru moaned loudly as he felt the tight muscles squeeze his sex and with only a few more thrusts into Shinya's body, he came as well, spilling his seed deep inside the drummer's body. Panting heavily, he then slowly slid out of Shinya's body and collapsed on the floor, next to Kyo.

Shaking with pleasure and tiredness, Shinya felt his arms give away and he collapsed on top of Kyo, who made a weird noise when he recieved the drummer's full weight. Sure, Shinya wasn't very heavy, but Kyo was unprepared for it.
"Gomen.." Shinya mumbled before snuggling into the vocalist's arms who had came up to encircle him.

Kyo smiled tiredly and then turned his head to see Kaoru lying next to him, panting heavily. He smiled at the guitarist and gestured for him to come closer. Kaoru returned the smile and crawled up to lie with his arms around Kyo's waist. Kyo put his other arm around Kaoru and felt both him and Shinya snuggle closer to him. With a satisfied smile, Kyo started to drift of to sleep...

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