Mely (melinen) wrote in kaoruxshinya,

[fic] The Alarm Clock

Title: The Alarm Clock
Chapters: oneshot
Author: melinen
Genre: general
Disclaimer: The same old song aka no owning
Rating: G
Pairings: KaoruxShinya
Synopsis: Kaoru cannot fall asleep.
Comments: Written for my Christmas calendar. I got the inspiration for this one some time ago when I stumbled upon one of cateris's prompt posts (probably in the kaoxshin community) and one of the images got stuck in my head. This is what my mind produced from it... It's not exactly what I was after, but it'll have to do. Lol. Also, I haven't written this pairing in ages, so concrit would be more than awesome. :)

It’s late, too late, and Kaoru cannot sleep. The alarm clock on the bedside table reads 4:11, the bright red numbers glowing in the semi-darkness of the room (for his lover insists on not closing the curtains to allow some of Tokyo’s nightly lights to illuminate the bedroom with their soft glow); big, bold red numbers and Kaoru swears that they are mocking him with their cheerful existence.

Kaoru groans and glares menacingly at the clock. He’s had it now, he’ll get rid of the damned machine and its annoying beeping sound the first thing in the morning, he’ll throw it out of the window, what a delightful sound it will make while crashing on the ground, small pieces everywhere, and he’ll watch it all with satisfaction.

He’ll do it even though the clock belongs to his lover.

He glances at Shinya’s peaceful face next to him, chest raising and falling evenly in deep sleep; Shinya won’t need that thing, no, he’ll get him another one, a better one.

One that does not mock him when he cannot do more than lie there, sleepless and frustrated.

Machines aren’t allowed to do that, never.

Not to him, anyway. He doesn’t have any say how others let their household appliances dictate their lives, but this particular one has reached the end of its road, just mark his words the thing is going down, both literally and figuratively speaking.

Kaoru throws a last glance at his arch enemy and turns around to study the relaxed face of his lover. Only when he’s asleep will Shinya let himself be exposed like this; he’s not trying to hide his true self behind small gestures, hair falling on his face and that distance he can almost touch, cold as Shinya’s skin (or maybe it’s not Shinya’s skin he’s touching after all?) and his warmness doesn’t seem to be enough to penetrate that thick wall Shinya has built around himself.

Even after all these months (it’s their one year anniversary next week, he’s almost painfully aware of that, remembering that only a year and a half ago his lover was celebrating a five year anniversary with a former redhead they both knew almost too well) he hasn’t been able to break that wall, break him and make him surrender completely to their love, truer love he has ever felt in his life.

Kaoru supposes he’ll just have to try harder, then.

And there’s nothing wrong with that for a little challenge is what makes life interesting for him.

Because in the end, there will be a sweet victory and Shinya will be his in all senses of the word.

For now, Kaoru settles on holding him in his arms, letting the drummer’s even breathing soothe his sleep-deprived mind and finally lull him into slumber.
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Aww. >: Poor DiexShinya.

I really liked this, down with that fucking clock Kao! I can't count the times I've wanted to throw my cable box out the window because I can't stop staring at the little green lights.

Write more!
Well, I'm a DiexShinya girl at heart, so I had to include them in the fic, if just a bit. (But don't worry, I've written so many stories about them and will do that in the future as well. XD)

Thank you for the comment and I am glad that you liked this. :) And I will be writing more... hopefully also more KaoxShin.

Deleted comment

Thank you. :) And yes, as long as I get inspiration I will write more of them, too.