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kaoruxshinya's Journal

Kaoru x Shinya
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[DISCLAIMER: This is a community for the fictional pairing of Kaoru and Shinya of Dir en grey. We do not claim to own the people, nor do we claim to know anything about their sexual preferences. ]

This community is for fans of the fandom to interact, posting of Graphics, Fanfiction, ect.. are all welcome as long as they have something to do with: Kaoru, Shinya, or the Kaoru x Shinya x Kaoru fandom.

There are very few rules:
1. Please respect other members. Keep all fighting outside of the community
2. Comments and criticism on fiction are welcomed and encouraged- just keep them constructive.
3. Keep all pairings to KaoruxShinyaxKaoru. You may have secondary pairings, but the main one should be KaoruxShinyaxKaoru.
4. We recommend that you lock your fiction to friends only- but it is up to you.
5. Have fun- and no bashing!

This community is run by:


If you have any problems, please feel free to contact one of us.