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Re: Charging. Please wait...

Title: Charging. Please wait...
Author: voxalcafe
Rating: PG
Pairing: KaoruxShinya
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything.
Summary: …something brightens up the back of the car. I look at my lap, where my phone is laying, the screen flicked on. I quickly pick it up, curious as to why it turned on, I didn’t hear or feel it vibrate. I mash the buttons with my thumb, checking the phone’s email area, checking the missed calls. Nothing. No calls since this afternoon. No calls. Not one.
Comments: After talking with cateris , I really started thinking. It really is painful to see this community so dead, so I’m hoping little by little, to keep writing, even if it’s not my OTP, and even with lack of comments, that this will inspire some of you lazy, good for nothing people, sweethearts to get your asses in gear and start writing. Because on the inside, I know some people are like *sigh* No one writes the pairing I love. Well write it yourself and inspire other people who love your OTP to write again. And after going to the KxS community, I saw this prompt. I’m going to use all the pics as inspiration for this, except the black and white one, hope everyone enjoys it. And for some reason I’m starting to enjoy doing PoVs. So! On to Shinya’s point of view.

( charging. please wait . . . )
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