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God Never Gives You More Than You Can Handle

Title: God Never Gives You More Than You Can Handle
Author: cateris
Characters: Kaoru/Shinya, Shinya/Kaoru (Dir en Grey)
Rating: PG13
Summary: he has to look at the stupid commercial painted in kitsch colors advertising the latest Internet service because Kaoru is not stopping and this whole travesty of exhibitionism has lost any kind of control minutes ago.
Disclaimer: The events and characters depicted in the following piece of work are completely fictitious. Even though similarities with the members of Dir en Grey, or other public personae may be found they are in no way implying that any of the events or character traits are true. I do not know the members of Dir en Grey, and am in no way affiliated to them, the story itself is completely untrue and is in no way meant to reflect the private lives, actual practices, or activities of any persons named. No harm, libel or disrespect is intended. No statements whatsoever and no commercial gain are made out of the work archived here; this is simply for entertainment purposes.
NOTE: *wink wink*

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