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Elevator (Kaoru x Shinya) NC-17.

Title: Elevator
Author: insultingrain
Chapter: One shot.
Genre: Smutty.
Rating: NC-17.
Bands: Dir en grey.
Pairing: Kaoru x Shinya.
Warning: Sex. In a elevator in London. Takes place at the beginning of their European fall tour.
Disclaimer: Own nothing. Poem © Diana Daffner.
Summary: Simple. Kaoru likes the challenge and the tight space.
Comments: Contains an aggressive Kaoru.

The Lover answered:

I would like you to touch me as if you were going away tomorrow, far far away, and you wanted to remember the feel of my body, the texture of my skin, the hills and valleys that make up the landscape of who I am...

Humidity still damp on his lips, Kaoru's fingers wrapped around Shinya's right arm and forced the man towards him. The elevator was already cubic, but Kaoru felt as if too much distance was already between them if Shinya stood so far away. Running hands down the drummer's chest, Kaoru wasn't satisfied until the man's back was pressed uncomfortably into the metallic bar bulging out from the back wall of the elevator.

Shinya was hesitant, but Kaoru was insistant. "We're going to be--" Though lips silenced the drummer's caution, a soft growl emitting from the back of his throat. "--Kaoru--" Shinya groaned, a weakening protest to the palms sliding down his chest and fiercely ripping his shirt from his slacks. It was a turtle neck, and Kaoru's fingers were fighting the fabric up to expose his navel and slim torso.

For a second, Kaoru's hand drifted away from its path towards his partner's exposed skin. The guitarist balled a fist and slammed the side of it into the red Emergency Stop button that was untouched and off to one side of floor numbers. The elevator abruptly halted, causing Shinya's eyes to widen in bewilderment.

"Are you crazy?"

"No." Retorted Kaoru breathlessly. "Just incredibly horny."

This drew an amused smile to Shinya's lips, who teasingly bypassed the guitarist as he moved back towards him. Stepping forward and brows knit in mounting frustration, Kaoru grabbed Shinya by his shirt--thumbing the fabric beneath fingertips before pulling it up past his torso. Kaoru was not angry, but persistent--and Shinya could feel the raw energy brush against his skin as he wrestled with his shirt.

Giving in, Shinya lifted his arms and aided Kaoru in removing his turtle neck, a chill sweeping past his neck and rolling down the curve of his spine. It didn't last long, because Kaoru'd tossed his black turtle neck onto the floor of the elevator--and lips were on his protruding collarbone, sucking on skin that was prompt in flushing red. Shinya's hands relaxed on Kaoru's shoulders, biting down on his bottom lip as Kaoru grazed sensitive patches of skin along his collarbone, throat and neck.

Every inch of Shinya to Kaoru was like uncovering treasure, and had to be dealt with dexterity. The best part of it all was that it managed to drive the drummer mad, and Kaoru was grinning in provoking a flinch and a gasp from his trapped lover as his tongue teased his right nipple. Shinya's back arched against the metal bar digging into it, sinking to comply with Kaoru's hasty mouth as it traveled down towards his navel. Resting on his right knee, Kaoru clamped his teeth around the zipper of his lover's black slacks, tugging it down while his hand undid the silver button that secured his waist.

"Kaoru--take it---" Trailing off with lips parted and cheeks flushed the same color of his skin--he knew there was no reasoning with a man already so drunk on lust, it would go in one ear and out the other. As it did. Instead, Kaoru's hands pressed his hips firm against the back wall of the elevator--allowing his slacks to drape low on his hip bones.

Kaoru found something erotic about Shinya's half-clothed and crimson flooded body. The drummer's flustered appearance and tingling sensations beneath his pale skin were all provoked by him and only him. Kaoru took pride in that.

Shinya was his. Body and soul.

Standing up and sliding fingertips up Shinya's arms, those dark eyes were on him once more--and Shinya's stare was elusive, but affectionate. Only Kaoru could spot it now, and it meant Shinya was alive. Even more alive than he already normally would be. Kaoru kissed him once more, wanting to feel the world melt beneath them. Reality was a burden that couldn't exist, what could only exist were the two of them, and the seeping desire flowing from both their bodies.

A quiet moan pressed itself against Kaoru's opened mouth, tongue sweeping across Shinya's bottom lip while his hands fumbled with his slacks that had been teasing him long enough. To provoke a reaction out of his lover, Kaoru's knee pressed itself against Shinya's groin--feeling the other man begin to crumble. A gasp that nobody could hear, and the guitarist was pleased to feel that Shinya was already aroused by few advances that left Kaoru massaging a knee between a quivering Shinya's legs that felt like jelly. Palms pressed against the back of the elevator to keep himself sturdy.

Gripping Shinya by his shoulders, Kaoru prompted Shinya to turn around to face the wall.

"Kaoru--" Shinya groaned out.

"Shh, soon." Knowing that even if the world had vanished for a blissful time, Kaoru did not have all of the time he wished he had to make love to his partner. Shinya's hands newly gripped the metal bar that his stomach was wedged into, trying to ignore the painful erection Kaoru'd left behind as the soles of his feet had already gone numb.

Shinya heard the sound of a belt unbuckle, followed by leather ripping its way out of denim jean belt loops. The unzip of a zipper followed, and Shinya sighed out once he realized Kaoru's pants were at his ankles and his hands were stroking their way down his bare backside. Hooking two fingers within Shinya's slacks, Kaoru yanked them down off his hips entirely, and this caused Shinya to ache due to how badly his entire body burnt. Self-control bit at his tongue to keep from crying out, but Kaoru sensed his turmoil and wrapped a tattooed arm around his waist, pulling him abruptly away from the metal bar.

"Put your arms out, and trust me."

Trust him? Shinya'd come to love him to the point of feeling that Kaoru could save his life if he wanted to. Arms were extended out, and Shinya kept his elbows bent. Fingers curled in agony once Kaoru's arm slipped down to his navel, and fingers begun to tease his inner thigh. Growing frustrated, Shinya slipped a little, and forced Kaoru's hand to nurse his arousal, which left damp trails along the pads of Kaoru's fingertips.

Kaoru chuckled a little; deep in in his throat with lips pressing kisses up his backside.

All the while, he ran his thumb across the sensitive veins of his lover's cock, provoking what he wanted from the man. A whimper that Shinya was struggling to cover up. Shinya never liked to outright appear as submissive, but Kaoru knew he enjoyed the thrill and the fact that Kaoru loved to pamper and torment his body all at once.

"I love you."

Kaoru sucked in a breath, before front teeth bit down against the back of Shinya's neck--licking at the base of Shinya's spine while easing his hips forward. Removing his arm from around Shinya, he eagerly dug his fingers within the drummer's hand and pulled.


Jerking Shinya's head back as he thrust up within his lover, Shinya's entire body shook as his self-control begun to dwindle down to nothing--his insides churning as Kaoru stretched skin in pushing up into his tight entrance. Fingers firmly kept Shinya's head back to half rest on Kaoru's shoulder--and Kaoru was delighted in seeing the pleasure-felt expression on his lover's face. Lips so slightly parted and eyebrows narrowed, eyes narrowed shut as he heaved air up through his lips.

Shinya was beautiful when he submitted.

Withdrawing and running a hand across his own arousal, Kaoru repositioned himself and released hold of Shinya's hair. Carefully bending his younger lover forward, Kaoru gripped at Shinya's hips and once more thrust up into him, beginning to grind against the man's sensitive prostate while Shinya clung to the metal bar in front of him and let out a moan that vibrated against the walls of the cubic elevator.

"God---Kaoru---" Shinya's words were breathless, but Kaoru's lips were back against his skin--biting at his back and forcing Shinya's body forward with few forceful thrusts and teasing grinds to make sure the pleasure dragged itself on and on, till it felt like an endless cycle.

Shinya's stomach was strangled in knots, while temples begun to show off beads of sweat that emerged with his rapid heartbeat and his lover's growls and eager pants that warmed the skin of his backside and spine. Faster the thrusting became, forceful enough to force Shinya's body forward--and the drummer was careful enough to stay bent to avoid contact with the wall.

"--Shinya..." Kaoru hissed out, arms trembling as fingers dug fiercely into his hips--Shinya's legs left struggling to keep his body upright.

Withdrawing from his lover quite suddenly, Shinya's eyes widened--listening to the older man behind him pant. Shinya wasn't prepared for the thrust that came next--harsh, raw and fast enough to irritate skin and cause Shinya's forehead to hit the wall.


Kaoru's arm once more wrapped around Shinya's waist, a hand stroking his lover's cock, and massaging while continously slamming into him from behind to keep his body moving and bumping into the metal bar and wall. Muscles in his abdomen begun to contract--a need and a want for release just as badly as Kaoru wanted. Shinya could tell by the man's second growl within his ear as their panting merged into one. Sweat dampened their bodies, skin left flushed and bruised on Shinya's part.


Shinya's fingers tensed, and his heartbeat continued to pound against his temples as his entire body felt constricted. Suffocating from the feeling of it, Shinya let out a sudden yell as his body erupted in ecstasy. Coming in hot spurts within his lover's hand, through his fingers and against the elevator wall. Kaoru wasn't far behind as his sticky hand streaked its way up Shinya's front, past his navel and his torso. Spilling forth with a grunt, Kaoru's entire body froze against his lover's backside--allowing his orgasm to engulf his body, joints tingling with pleasure as Shinya's pants continued to flood Kaoru's ears.

Eyes of the drummer fluttered closed, enjoying the rapture rushing through his veins and surging straight to his head. Left dizzy, Shinya's arm fell limp against his side--allowing his temple to rest against the wall out of sudden exhaustion.

"You okay?" Kaoru asked as soon as he could find his voice, carefully withdrawing from his lover, reluctantly reaching down to pull up his jeans from his ankles.

"Yes." Shinya retorted. "It was daring."

"But you enjoyed it." Kaoru picked at his sweaty t-shirt he'd neglected to take off, as Shinya begun to carefully pull his pants up despite being left sticky with a mixture of cum and sweat.

Shinya's grin was bare, but Kaoru caught it, and wondered when they got moving if the shower could be next.

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